Our willow charcoal sticks are sold directly to wholesalers and distributors all over the world. If you want to know where you can buy Coates willow charcoal, please contact us by email and we will put you in contact with someone from your area.

Plastic tubs of fine powdered willow charcoal are available via our online store www.englishwillowbaskets.co.uk this powdered charcoal is great for home firework making and creative artwork.

Our exciting new Discover Charcoal drawing pack is now available.

This great new charcoal drawing pack contains a box of willow charcoal, a special white charcoal stick, a pad of charcoal drawing paper and a quick guide to drawing a magpie with the charcoal sticks. The Discover Charcoal drawing pack is suitable for school children, art students and anyone who wants to have a go at drawing with charcoal.